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Landa Love

Landa has over 15 years experience of holding deeply transformational spaces for movement, ritual, dance, devotional singing and meditation; facilitating emotional and trauma release, heart opening, embodiment, profound inner and outer connection and increasing experience of the life force within.

Devotional singing has become Landa's passion. She creates her own devotional songs, blending traditional sanskrit mantras with english words that reflect the meanings and energy of the mantras. This makes her work more accessible and enjoyable for a western audience.

Landa holds powerfully transformative cacao ceremonies in Plymouth (Devon and Cornwall); blending devotional songs, chanting, poetry and verses with breathwork, movement and meditation. Please click here to make contact about booking Landa for your event in Plymouth, Devon or Cornwall.

Landa is an advanced tantra yoga teacher (YRT 500 | IYN Yoga Elder), ecstatic dance facilitator (Chakra Dance | Dance in Yoga | Yoga in Dance | Tandava), bodymind therapist (Bodymind Attunement | Rhythmic Healing | Reiki Master | Accredited Life Coach | Massage and Pulsing Bodyworker) and founder of Full Spectrum Dance, Rising ~ Dancing Tantra, Full Spectrum Tantra Yoga Academy and Yoga for Trauma Release.

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Landa also offers massage, energy and sound healing sessions ~ please click the here or the image below to find out more ...



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