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Landa's journey with Devotional Singing and Bhakti Yoga

The devotional singing space is lovingly held by Landa who has over 15 years experience of holding deeply transformational spaces for movement, ritual, dance, devotional singing and meditation; facilitating emotional and trauma release, heart opening, embodiment, profound inner and outer connection and increasing experience of the life force within.

Landa's journey with devotional singing started in the Catholic tradition ~ she loved to sing and would sing heartily in church, school plays and at home with her mother and grandmother. She had a very open connection to the Divine and felt utter devotion to Jesus, leading to a conviction that she would become a nun later in life! She also enjoyed playing the organ and had regular lessons to develop this skill.

Landa experienced trauma later in her childhood, an incident which remained suppressed and unexpressed for many years. Along with this lock down on expression came the loss of her singing and musical expression. This coincided with her questioning of religion and religious structures, which led to a spiritual 'shut down' and disillusionment.

Once Landa started to express, release and recover from her trauma and to open to a more personal and integrated spirituality (you can read more about this journey here), she found that her natural devotion and inclination to express this through song and music opened up again.

She started to sing chants and western devotional songs during her yoga classes, both with her students and during certain yoga flows to facilitate a deeper experience for participants. She started to attend kirtan regularly and experienced the joy, devotion, and surrender that she had naturally opened to as a child.

Landa's practice of chanting deepened when she acquired her harmonium. Practising for up to 3 hours a day, the harmonium started to feel like an extension of herself and she realised what a powerful tool chanting is for releasing trauma/held emotions and opening the heart. She studied harmonium with kirtan wallah, Daniel Tucker, and devotional singing (Yoga of Voice) with Gina Salá.

This organically led to Landa wanting to share her chanting practice with others, so that they could also feel the joy of devotion, free expression and opening to the vibrational field of love.

Devotional singing has become Landa's passion. She creates her own devotional songs, blending traditional sanskrit mantras with english words that reflect the meanings and energy of the mantras. This makes her work more accessible and enjoyable for a western audience.

Landa holds powerfully transformative cacao ceremonies blending devotional songs, poetry and verses with breathwork, movement and meditation.

Landa is an advanced tantra yoga teacher (YRT 500 | IYN Yoga Elder), ecstatic dance facilitator (Chakra Dance | Dance in Yoga | Yoga in Dance | Tandava), bodymind therapist (Bodymind Attunement | Rhythmic Healing | Reiki Master | Accredited Life Coach | Massage and Pulsing Bodyworker) and founder of Full Spectrum Dance, Rising ~ Dancing Tantra, Full Spectrum Tantra Yoga Academy and Yoga for Trauma Release.

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