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Landa's dance journey

The dance space is lovingly held by Landa who has over 15 years experience of holding deeply transformational spaces for movement, ritual, dance, devotional singing and meditation; facilitating emotional and trauma release, heart opening, embodiment, profound inner and outer connection and increasing experience of the life force within.

Landa's love affair with dance began at a young age. She started ballet at the age of 3, but had already started to express herself naturally through freeform, ecstatic dance and would love to put on some music and dance freely and wildly for her captive audience of family members!

She experienced trauma later in her childhood which caused her to either 'leave her body' or be stuck in her head. She suffered with her blocked emotions and very little body awareness. Landa did still dance, but it tended to be in clubs under the influence of intoxicating substances (The experience of clubbing did, however, open her to the possibility of how dancing in groups creates a shared vibrational field of love and connection and planted the seed that lead to her seeking a more natural and healthy way to experience this phenomena.)

She worked to escape from her mental prison for many years. Landa studied present moment awareness, practical philosophy and meditation with the School of Economic Science for 7 years and found a sense of peace and an ability to cope with life. But she still didn't feel particularly 'alive' or in touch with her body.

Landa discovered the physical practice of yoga asana (postures) through her meditation practice and love of eastern philosophy. This gradually offered her more grounding and body awareness and, realising the benefits of the complete system of yoga (rather than just raja [mind], and jnana [wisdom] yoga) she trained to be a yoga teacher.

Landa slowly recovered, but ecstatic dance and bodymind therapy (incorporating freeform movement) were the ultimate therapy that freed her spirit. These practices allowed her to release deeply held trauma from her body, integrate the bodymind connection, still her mind and live from the heart.

Ecstatic dance in particular, produced a deep healing, erasing the trauma that had closed her emotions when she was a teenager. Eventually, she found a not only peaceful mind, but a sense of vitality and the joy of living. She trained to become a bodymind healer and ecstatic dance facilitator to help to guide others to this sense of integration, wholeness and open-hearted vitality.

Landa is an advanced tantra yoga teacher (YRT 500 | IYN Yoga Elder), ecstatic dance facilitator (Chakra Dance | Dance in Yoga | Yoga in Dance | Tandava), bodymind therapist (Bodymind Attunement | Rhythmic Healing | Reiki Master | Accredited Life Coach | Massage and Pulsing Bodyworker) and founder of Full Spectrum Dance, Rising ~ Dancing Tantra, Full Spectrum Tantra Yoga Academy and Yoga for Trauma Release.

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