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Kind words from previous participants

"Landa holds the space for her dance sessions beautifully. The dance session was genius; the perfect balance of mystic flight whilst also keeping me grounded. I really enjoyed journeying into myself. It was a very safe space to play both by myself and others which felt very magical." Spencer

"Full Spectrum Dance took me on a journey into myself - Rising up through the chakras, I was the earth, I was the fire, I was the sky, I was love. The music is surprising, fun, heartfelt, passionate - so many moods were facilitated through the dance and the exquisite holding of Landa. A delicious experience - from the sensual cacao mousse at the start to the journey through the body, heart and soul" Iona

"I so appreciated the soundscape space at the beginning, just to breathe, to feel fully, to arrive, to connect only with myself before moving into the dance." Jen

“Thank you Landa, for creating and holding such loving space for us to journey into ourselves.” Maite

"The dance opens up the doorways in my body and mind and then fills that space ~ with each stage of the dance a new doorway is opened and the intensity of the energy increases. Building up to the final dance of bliss, where my crown opens up and i an showered with it. I always come away from the dance so full. I feel the tingle for days afterwards. Because of this I find that I have mindfullness of myself and others." Terry

“Dear Landa and John (and all of us) that helped make last night so awesome. Thank you so so much, I knew it would be special but had no idea how special, I'm tingling all over!” Emily

Kind words from previous participants

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