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What is it like to participate in a nature connection walk?

The first step on our walk is to arrive, and this means more than ‘getting there’. We fully arrive by taking time to notice and connect to the place we are in, our bodies and our senses.

Then for 15 minutes, we walk slowly while silently noticing what is in motion in setting we are in. (There is always movement, even when things seem perfectly still, both externally and inside our bodies!).

Next we start to make friends with the natural setting we are in, greeting and building relationship with the beings around us, such as trees, stones, butterflies, ladybirds, streams … anything that draws our attention and seems to have a message for us.

The next step on the walk is to find a sit spot. This is a very simple, yet powerful practice. It is one of the best methods of nature connection, supporting healing, cultivating awareness of self and others, and deepening relationships with the more-than-human world.

The longer you sit, the more you notice. You may sit for fifteen minutes before you realize tiny flowers are growing right in front of you. It may be twenty minutes before the shy hare moves into a clearing to get a better sniff of the human with the unusually still behavior. In the relative stillness, an inner stillness also emerges; when it does, the other beings in the area may respond by making themselves more readily known.

The final part of the walk is about giving something back. Reciprocity increases awareness of the many ways in which we are connected with the more-than-human world. It supports the development of relationships.

We remember the things or beings we had a special connection with. Either silently or quietly speaking we name the being/thing and acknowledge what we have received from it for example, “Here is a stream, which has shared refreshment and places to splash and play.”

We make an offering. This could be a gesture or a song or even a written note concealed in the earth or a lock of hair tied to the branch of a tree. We give space for our intuition and imagination to reveal the right offering.

To close we take time to sit, drink tea and share our experiences and anything that came up for us during the walk.

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 Landa Love 2020