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Landa's Nature Connection journey

As a child, Landa was always happiest in nature. Her mother would say that all she needed was to be in an open field.

This connection was somewhat shut down when Landa shut down her connection to her body following childhood trauma.

As Landa started to heal from this trauma, (you can read more about this journey here) her connection to nature started to grow once again. During this time, she was blessed to spend a year working at a nature based community and educational facility - Embercombe - and be mentored by Mac MacCartney, inspirational speaker and author of Finding Earth, Finding Soul. She also undertook a nature based soul retrieval journey with her mentor Ruth Noble.

She opened once again to a loving relationship with nature, truly experiencing the earth as 'mother earth', spending many hours simply laying on the earth feeling like a loving mother was holding her.

Landa wrote a book for children to enable them to feel this connection with nature and themselves as a part of nature. She also developed a form of yoga 'earth yoga' to connect to the elements in our bodies and within the world surrounding us ~ to offer a tangible sense of this nature connection. She regularly taught this at Embercombe and the festivals they held there.

Later, Landa spent a year alone, living off grid, in a field, in the 'middle of no-where'. This fully cemented Landa's heartfelt relationship with the earth and the more-than-human world. Although she was alone, she never felt lonely, because of her nature connection.

She found true presence and joy in the simple things that reveal themselves when we slow down and simply observe our natural surroundings. The sight of the rainbow colours, when the sun shines through the morning dew would send shivers of joy up her spine and she would find herself laughing outloud with shear joy and appreciation for this and all the other simple wonders she experienced. The intimate connection with the cycle and rhythms of the year led to deep inner understanding and acceptance. Landa found a sense of appreciation for all the subtle nuances, energetic shifts and changes in each season, both in nature and our human lives.

Landa now invites you to journey into nature with her. To find your own relationship with the other-than-human world, the seasons and your ever present, loving mother earth.

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