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During a Nature Connection walk we acknowledge nature as a partner, rather than as a setting for an activity. When you open yourself to a relationship with nature, it will work with you in a positive way.

We keep our focus on embodiment and sensory experience; away from the mind and over-thinking. We minimize the effort to achieve anything.

Walks last between two and four hours. This allows enough time for your mind and body to slow down and become relaxed.

We don’t go very far, often only a half mile or less. It’s about being here, not getting there. The primary goal is not to get a workout. It’s more like playtime with a meditative feeling. We pause regularly for moments of stillness, then proceed again slowly.

While you can connect in any natural environment, our walks generally take place in a wooded environment with streams and meadows or in a coastal area with minimal intrusion from human-made sounds such as traffic or construction.

The trails are accessible and easy to walk on to allow the focus to be on being present to Nature.

We go unplugged, without technological barriers between our senses and nature.

We walk without expectation. We are focusing on experiencing only what nature offers in this moment. Getting caught up in ideas like “mindfulness” or “walking meditation” can trick you us into making efforts to experience something other than what nature offers.

For this reason, experiences of others or outcomes are not included in this section as these can trick you into trying to have those same experiences. We aim to let each walk be its own experience; also avoiding trying to recreate our own prior positive experiences. Some details of the type of structures included in a walk are detailed here.

In group walks there is a chance to share in the group at the end of the session. During individual walks the sharing is somewhat more organic and happens at various stages along the walk. It is very effective to receive life coaching / deep listening / counselling whilst feeling present, safe, open and supported by nature.

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