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Landa offers bodywork sessions that work on all levels of your being - physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual. Combining a focus on the body with mindfulness, focus on sensation, breath work and counselling offers a unique and transformative way of approaching bodywork.  

Landa offers four gateways to coming home to your body and releasing blocks, tensions, trauma and patterns that are held there:

"He who realises the truth of the body can then come to know the truth of the universe."
Tantra Shastras
Hands of love massage

Flowing strokes infused with the intention of unconditional universal/divine love allows for deep surrender, balance, healing and transformation to take place.  This form of treatment focuses on energy flow, with acknowledgment that an idea, belief, stuck emotion or trauma can block energy flow just as much as muscular tension can.  Hands of love massage helps release these energy blocks, allowing energy to flow and pleasure to be felt in the body.

The flowing with energy, using flowing strokes combined with a very loving touch using the hands, forearms, breath and sound vibration relaxes the entire being.  It benefits the physical and emotional body and the mental and heart space.

This style of massage is unique due to the connection established between Landa and her client. She opens herself up to universal energy/divine love and tunes into the body, energy and emotional needs of her client.  This connection creates an immediately felt, safe environment where the client can begin to let go and start their journey of relaxation and healing.  During this full body massage most of the body is exposed to enable continuous movement, and the dance-like motion over the entire body ~ blankets or sarongs are utilised to maintain modesty.

Landa works with her hands as the instrument of her heart ~ the unconditional love is felt through the quality of the touch.  Much of the associated healing is done through love, with Landa's deep and complete focus on the client, using a loving heart and loving hands.

Breathwork helps to maintain focus and energy flow.  Gradually, layers of stored tension and emotional memory are peeled away through the flowing movements. This enables any blockages to be freed and for life force energy to vibrate through the entire being, assisting the heart to surrender and open up to a feeling of connection and expansiveness.

Rhythmic bodywork/
movement massage

This rhythmic bodywork (Pulsing) is a form of bodywork that is usually received clothed.  It is a wonderful treatment for body, heart, mind and spirit.  The body is rocked in a soft regular rhythm and limbs are lifted and stretched.  The wave like movements create a sense of freedom that is both deeply nurturing and revitalising - helping you feel more alive.  The stretching opens up a tense body, creating a sense of lightness and freedom.

Sessions can be held in a variety of different 'modes' according to the needs of the client at each session.  The emphasis may be on deep relaxation, mobility, energy or emotional healing/process.

Some of the many benefits of Pulsing include:
  • Deeply relaxing and revitalising
  • Releases physical, psychological and emotional stress/trauma
  • Improves bodily flexibility, balance and co-ordination
  • Promotes movement and mobility
  • Helps increase your sensitivity to your body
  • Allows you to discover your natural rhythms
  • Nurturing and supportive
  • Stimulates energy, aliveness and pleasure

Yoga for Trauma ReleaseTM These sessions offer a healing environment for your body to transform emotional trauma into well-being, release suffering and come home to its natural capacity for health and joy.

You will discover how to release trauma and chronic muscular tensions within the body utilising somatic yoga, breathwork, self induced therapeutic tremoring and yoga nidra/deep relaxation.  The release of trauma in this way can free up the flow of life force in the body, relieve stress patterns and facilitate you to develop to your full potential. 

This is a safe and effective way of releasing trauma that can help to reduce anxiety, raise energy levels, increase a sense of aliveness and help develop the capacity to respond appropriately in challenging situations.  It has the potential to open a greater sense of connection to self and others, and to ease the body into a growing sense of love and pleasure.

“Trauma is the most avoided, ignored, denied, misunderstood, and untreated cause of human suffering. It is the often debilitating symptoms that many people suffer from in the aftermath of perceived life-threatening or overwhelming experiences.” Peter Levine 
Client experiences
"There are good massages, and then there are DIVINE massages - and Landa's massages are simple Divine.

The difference between an ordinary, competent massage and the kind of massage that Landa offers cannot be learned on a course.  It is all about the energy of the person giving the massage.

Landa infuses her beautiful treatment space with herself - such a lovely, nurturing warmth and peaceful presence.  I was made to feel very welcome, safe and comfortable and began to relax immediately.

Her expert touch is firm and confident, yet tender and aware - you can feel the energy-intelligent life-force in her hands.  The massage was glorious.

My whole body was left feeling spacious and free and the feeling of well-being floated on for days.  I can't wait for my next one!"

Maggie Kay
The Inner Wisdom Coach and Author of Diving for Pearls

"Receiving a massage from Landa is a relaxing and nourishing experience; easing physical tension whilst being treated to her exquisite quality of presence.  Landa has an open-hearted, grounded ease and creates a space that feels both safe and restful.  Her intuitive ability and natural healing presence offer an experience that surpasses the usual massage with the potential to support deep healing.

A massage with Landa is to step into a space of care and gentle kindness, a delicous dance that eases you gently into the music of your own being.  I have no hesitation in recommending Landa's work and believe her to be a gifted therapist."

Hannah Pearson
Intuitive Healer, Natural Health and Wellbeing Consultant

"The release of trauma that I felt and the sense of safety that I felt with you were profound.  In my top two treatments of all time".
G. Therpeutic Bodyworker

"A complete healing on every level.  You have opened me up to dimensions of myself that I didn't know existed.  I felt expansive yet grounded and I could feel you working in both polarities simulatiously; allowing me to feel deeply in my body whilst surfing the etheric."
A. Artist and Shamanic Healer

About Landa

Landa Love MSc, DipM, Yoga Elder, YRT500, Reiki Master is a bodymind therapist with over 15 years experience of holding transformational space for her clients.  She holds a level 3 massage diploma, is a Reiki Master and holds diplomas in Pulsing (rhythmic bodywork), Rhythmic Healing and Bodymind Attunement.

Landa is also an advanced yoga, meditation and mindfulness teacher, accredited life coach and a qualified hypnotherapist/counsellor.  She is the founder of Yoga for Trauma Release.

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A commitment to a minimum of 6 sessions is required to work in this transformative way.  Once you have had 6 sessions individual 'top up' sessions may be booked.

Taster sessions are availble at 55 for an hour

All treatments are available at 77 for 1.5 hours, 99 for two hours and 111 for 2.5 hours

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